Kelsey Fairhurst:

Domonique (SOLD OUT)


Ok, so here’s how it happened. I’m waiting in line to pee. Sorry, I know that’s like weird to mention, but like, I had to pee so bad it was like the only thing on my mind. So I’m standing there, minding my own business, and then suddenly there she is looking like a goddess, like a queen, you know? I swear she was as close as you are right now. She gives me this up-down and says, “that’s a cute top,” and I die, I lit-er-ally die. So I tell her what's up, I tell her its the Large Headgear Top in Black & White Plaid Poplin. So we chat for a while, and as she’s walking away I totally pee my pants, but whatever, she’s the queen, she’s the best, I don’t care.

  • Double-lined poplin
  • Built-in wire system
  • Made in New York City
  • 52” long x 10” tall
  • See photo on model for size reference
  • Ships July 6
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